Monday, March 06, 2006

No More Numbers

I've grown lazy. I admit it. I've begun using numbers as post titles. I'll slap myself twice on Tuesday if I do that again. Now, I'm no writer, but if I was and I began using numbers as the titles of my articles, I'd fully expect to be fired. Not numbers combined with actual nouns and verbs, but just numbers. Like say, 488 or 160. I really don't know how I got into Stern. It must have been that interview where I told them that I was born in Sonora. (And yes, I know I've said something like this before. It shows again my lack of creativity and overall limitedness of my brain power. If I could only remember.)

Even if I'm not using a number for a title, I still have numbers on the brain. 11.5 and 13.5. The past two Saturdays, I went on runs of these distances. The 11.5 was an accident. Well, not really. I was just tricked into it by someone with superior intellect. Again, not surprising. The 13.5 was deliberate. Now I know, you're thinking, "11.5 and 13.5? You could run that in your sleep." Well guess what? I haven't run that far since last September. The closest I've come is 6. Did it hurt? Oh yea. Was it worth it? Yep. I'm back in the saddle. Or is it Liz who is back in the saddle. Whatever. I'm a runner again. I even ran with this super smart guy who tricked me the first time past the reservoir. It was beautiful and I felt fast. My last mile was 6:40 and I was raring for more. Kind of. Once I stopped running I could barely walk.