Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ragnar Ultra

38.9 miles or just about 3 half-marathons over the course of 20 hours. The first 13.6 miles were fun. My left calf felt like it was going to fall off for the first five miles and then all of the sudden loosed up and I was fine the rest of the race. Got a little sunburned, but well worth it. I passed 33 people and was passed once (note: only 10% of the teams were ultra teams). I averaged a 7:17 pace.

My second run was 12.1 miles through river beds and up hills at night. Usually my night runs are my favorite. Nice and cool. However, the unpaved riverbed and the 7 miles of uphill were a little challenging. I only passed 16 people and was passed zero times. My average pace was 7:43.

My third run was 13.2 miles. Lots of beautiful downhill, which I needed because I was tired. I passed 21 people and was passed three times, but I honestly didn't care. I only had enough energy to run. For example, I listened to the same album 2.3 times because I couldn't spare the energy to change albums on my iPod. I averaged a 7:23 pace.

Three of my sisters (hardcore each and every one) and two friends ran it as well. At no point did we think that more than 4 of us would die of dehydration/exhaustion/sun stroke.

I'm seriously considering doing it with only three people next year (i.e., ~68 miles per person).

Friday, February 10, 2012


Ultra Ragnar is coming up in 2 weeks. 38 miles over 24 hours or almost 3 separate half-marathons. I think I'd rather just run the 38 in one shot. I'm definitely going to be tired and stiff when that third run comes calling.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Shoot First

Just had a tour of the FBI Academy from my soon to be Special Agent brother. Remind me to remind you to never mess with these guys.