Sunday, May 31, 2009


A great movie. A great parody.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


John C., at BCC, reminds me to remember my experiences with divinity.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Marvin Perkins (Public Affairs Co-Chair of The Genesis Group) sits down for 12 questions regarding the Priesthood ban.

When I was in NY, I went to the Manhattan Stake Center and heard Brother Darius (who at the time was the President of the Genesis Group), flanked by 4 stake presidents, speak. It was cathartic and one of the things I force myself to remember in times of doubt.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Road

Out of the eight movies, three magazines, and one book that I enjoyed during my recent trip to London, by far the best was the 2006 Pulitzer Winner, "The Road". Being the father of two young boys, I couldn't help but imagine myself as the father who despite all of the insanity surrounding him is determined to protect his son at all costs. I'm not going to give away the story, but it is a definite must (and quick) read. Bleak, terrifying, depressing, moving, and wonderful.

U.S. - Israeli - Palestinian - Arab - Iranian Clusterf*&^

Stratfor posts a fascinating look at what's really going on behind the photo ops and lofty speeches.

Stratfor continues to amaze me.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Covering Up a Multitude of Sins

Usually when I'm upgraded to first class, particularly on a red eye to the east cost, I'm pretty excited. And then when I board the plane and relax in my chair and stretch my legs, I think to myself, this isn't so bad. And when I wake up after a restful four hours of much needed sleep ready to start a Monday full of vim and vigor, I think, I'm really glad I was in first class again. And that's usually how it happens. Except when it doesn't.

Two weeks ago, I was getting ready to stretch out in first class and looked at the empty seat to my right and slowly stretched out my arms and let out an audible cheer. One minute too early. Running on board with a minute to spare was our last passenger. And she took the first class seat next to mine. Usually in first class, we say our polite hellos and sink into first class land. Not this time. I could tell immediately that something was amiss.

First, she looked like a meth addict. Sunken in cheeks and weighing less than a 100 pounds easy. And second, she had the jitters. She couldn't stop twitching. Then she opened her mouth and didn't stop speaking for the next 5 hours. I won't even go into details, but suffice it to say that she had mental health issues. I think at one point, when she was talking about a terrible man she had a relationship and a child with, she made a circle with one hand and poking it by using the index finger on her other hand, told me that she shouldn't have had intercourse with that man.

At one blessed silent moment, she was quiet for all of 10 seconds, so I quickly curled up, turned away, and closed my eyes. To no avail. She, in rapid succession, turned the light on and off, making that loud clicking sound, until I opened my eyes and she said, "Oh, you're awake? I'm so glad. I hate flying and need someone to talk to."