Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What To Do

when the client has taken away all of your resources and is still requiring the same amount of work?

Download NIN and make angry faces across the hall. A little fist pump doesn't hurt either.

It does wonders for business case and Powerpoint productivity.

And if angry, whiney Trent doesn't do it, Paul O. just might.


As with most things that have to do with this blog, my Reading Now section has been sorely in need of an update. I can't even remember when I read "A Swiftly Tilting Planet". I do know that I've read many books since then. One of my favorites was March. You'll notice that I continue to be on my novel kick.

I'm currently reading (and have been for quite a while)The Brothers Karamazov. I knew that this book was about a murder. I just didn't know that it would take 400+ pages to get to the murder. Don't get me wrong. Those 400 very dense pages were very entertaining, especially Father Zosima's musings on his youth and Fyodor's buffoon act at the monastery. However, I just didn't expect a book that revolves around a murder to have that murder take place more than halfway through the book.

That might have been Dostoevsky's intent. When it finally became apparent that something was going to happen, the crescendo building up to the murder was overpowering and I couldn't put the book down. It's a good thing that I have lots of hotel and flight time because there is no way I could have gone that last 100 pages uninterrupted at home.

So now poor Dmitri is being questioned by the police and it again appears that something strange is going on between himself and his two (three?) brothers. I'm looking forward to my flight home tomorrow night for more than one reason it appears.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two Months?

It's been two months since I posted? What? During the past two months, I didn't finish an ultramarathon, I did pack up and move, I experienced summer and now fall in Seattle, I bought a house, I ran by Steve Ballmer, I've started running simply for the love, I almost killed three other people on one of my runs for the love, and I've started Yelping all of the restaurants I've ever eaten at (I'm only about 10% through and sorry Phoenix, but the highest rating I've given to one of your restaurants is 3 out of 5).