Thursday, August 04, 2005

Freak Indeed

Brian, if that was you pretending to be slutty Brittany, bravo, well done. I always knew you had a little she-male in you. Just to let you know, I'll be running with my shirt off tonight. Me and my donut. It's not quite a spare tire yet.

New book. No, Simple Rules for a Complex World is not a self-help book, a book about how to make money, or a book about how to make people like you. It's a book about law, about how in a more complex world, we need a simplified set of laws. Very libertarian. Very Cato Institutish. John Rawls, you've met your match.


The Wife said...

great. my husband's blog is turning into Hook-up Central. I am not worried, for the wife has big guns. and a black belt. and an infrared camera.

Anonymous said...

Way to go......wifey!!!!