Monday, July 10, 2006

For The Haters

Now tell me you're not saying, "Holy...". And this doesn't even do the last mile justice. 15% grade.

Many thanks to Klimb. What a sweet program. Sorry for those that don't live in the Bay Area or Ohio (how random is that).


Anonymous said...

Not Ohio, Minnesota. I should have left a tag. Peace.


PTC said...

JP, I know you're in MN. This program only works for those in NorCal and OH, hence the reference to OH.

You ready for the Turtle?

Lisa said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Zane!! Please give your son a squeeze from us! We miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Training is alright, as long as I keep running on the treadmill. Anything else shreads it up. That is the biggest challenge, training in different circumstances than the race.