Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'd Forgotten

What a workout this is. I was home early yesterday and because my training partner begged off of our morning run due to injury, I decided to not wake up at 4:30am and to run after work with the little guy. Well, he's not as little as he was seven months ago. I would have thought that my recent speed and hill training would have given me a boost, but apparently either Zane gained 25 pounds or I am weaker than I was when I was training for Tahoe.

Yes, yesterday was a tough 8 miles. Of course Zane fell asleep about 1 1/2 miles into it and woke up about two blocks from our house. He missed the two giant hills, one of which left me feeling like I was about to vomit. He missed his dad sprinting at the end barely able to breathe so that he could make his goal of averaging under 8 minute miles, which I did, but it took a 7:20 last mile to do it. He did not miss opening the garage door when we arrived home though. Pushing the "button" is his favorite thing to do. I'm sure our neighbors love how many times a day the garage door opens and closes and opens again, particularly because it needs some oil.

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