Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Catching the Rabbit

I wanted to have some reggae music playing in the background and then make up some very clever running lyrics that went to Bob Marley's "I Shot The Sherriff" and when I got about half-way through it I realized that it was probably the dumbest, corniest, embarrassing thing I had ever written. And that's saying something. It's not often that I blush at my own writing. I realize that I am not as clever as I think I am and that I say and write things that at the time I think are amazingly witty, but upon reflection are just plain dumb. I'm not sure how Liz puts up with it. Another reason to keep my mouth shut. You keep your mouth shut and people thing you are introspective, thoughtful, and intelligent. The reality is that I'm just barely smart enough to realize that my best chance in life is to keep silent and keep tricking others. It's worked so far. Here's hoping to another 40 years of successful silence.

Anyways (not a good transition, I know, but it's the best I could come up with), I caught the rabbit last week. It was a minor miracle, not because I only ran 7:00s, but because I ran into a skunk about a mile into the run and he didn't want to leave the path. I almost was doused, but fortunately about 6 feet before I came upon the kitty and was about to say, "Hi kitty, looks like the Grizzley Bear didn't find you", I saw a huge tail go up and sprinted backwards. I didn't realize I was so quick. I could play tennis, although that really wouldn't fit into the endurance athlete macho persona that I'm trying to foster. All 150 lbs of macho. Yea baby. You better watch out. Yes, I've dropped 4 lbs. I'm about 3 lbs shy of my target weight. (Maybe that's why Liz made me 2 dozen delicious gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I ate 10 for breakfast. Hey, I was hungry. Now I just need a chocolate milk dispenser and we'll be good to go.)

So the rabbit run is on again tomorrow. Need to drop my tempo run speed by another 20 seconds per mile over the next couple of weeks if I am to have any chance of making my goal. Here's to the slow down of old age (for any of my friends that have access to the pharmaceutical "Fountain of Youth", please give me a call. I'm in serious need. Just don't tell Liz.)


liz said...

why on earth would me and my pregnancy hormones object to a 'fountain of youth' pill for you?!

lisapow said...

Good luck with the St. George Marathon training. I wish I would have better trained for the "hills".