Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Not the drink, the card game. I've been playing gin since I was six or seven and my grandfather taught me. He would pretty much smoke me every time as he is the ultimate card counter. However, as I grew older, I began to hold my own. As a result of my experience playing this game, I have never lost a match, except to my grandfather. A hand, yes. A game, yes, but never a match (5 games of 100 pts each). The closest I ever came to losing a match was to my friend Lee many years ago.

I taught Liz how go play several years ago and she has consistently gotten better, even winning games from time to time. We usually play a 100 point game during the evening.

Last night, I won 110 - 0.


Kristy said...

Now why didn't we play while we were there? I love cards and someone who shall remain nameless never plays with me...at cards that is ;)

liz said...

and ask mike how lonely he was sleeping on his side of the bed with ZERO cuddles that night.

Melony said...

Since I'm in a commenty type mood today - I always win when I play gin with Mike. Always. We like to play in the car during roadtrips while he drives. If he leaves his cards open, I have no problem looking. If I can see his cards in the reflection of the window, I'll look then too. If he has to pay attention to the road because it gets curvy, I'll take that time to sneak a peek. I like to win.

PTC said...

MelOny, let me be the first to tell you that if you play gin against me next week, you will lose.

liz said...

because really that's what visiting CA is all about- playing cards. I bet that plan alone will make them want to drive a little faster.


Melony said...

Oh Michael. I think that I will accept that challenge. Loser has to change all the diapers in the house.
Liz - we will be driving fast for the mere sake of getting our darling 8 month old out of the car.

Anonymous said...

Racquetball; xbox live; hold'em; these are a few of the things that entertain me... (oh yeah WoW last night...)

I'm gonna add one more. The next time I see you... it will not be catch up time... it will be sit your ass down - shut up and play time.

I love a challenge.