Monday, February 11, 2008


I had a lazy winter (my apologies to those that are still experiencing winter - here in the Bay Area, winter was about three weeks long, with lots of rain and lows in the mid-30s - it is now sunny and in the 70s again). I only ran about 15 miles a week and packed on about 10 pounds. As you saw from the elevation profiles below, that particular program won't work for what I have on my calendar. Two weeks ago, I started ramping up my miles.

Going from 15 miles a week to 45 miles a week is not recommended. Surprisingly, I'm simply weary and a little tight. Maybe muscle memory does last longer than a month. Or maybe I'm just going to break down in another week.

My training for the April 12th race is simple:

M - 8 mile hill run (two massive hills)
Tu - 6 mile flat recovery run
W - 10 mile hill run (two massive hills and one smallish hill)
Th - 6 mile flat recovery run
F - 6 mile flat junk mile run
Sa - 14 - 22 mile hill run
Su - off

No tempo runs. No speed work. No watch. That's right, no watch. Either someone else has a watch or I map out the run beforehand to figure out the distance. I don't plan on picking up a watch until after the June 21st 50k. It's all about getting a large mileage base in preparation of going under 3 hours in a fall marathon.

For past marathons, I've relied on a 16 to 20 week program, again going from 15 to 45 miles in a week, lots of speed work, and my genetics to get me to the finish line in under my goal time. That almost worked last year at St. George, missing 3 hours by 2:07. I'm not leaving it to talent this year. My entire running year is dedicated to crushing 3 hours.

Six months of base and strength building followed by three months of sharpening and speed work should do it.


It's Not Your Fault! said...

Amen - welcome back to your blog. You were missed.

Rachael said...

It's definitely still snowing here on a regular basis.. so sad.