Monday, March 09, 2009


This was my second time running the Ragnar Del Sol Relay (12 runners - 202 miles). 7 of the 12 runners were members of my family. It would have been 8, but one of my brothers is going to China and couldn't make it (or so he says).

I had no idea how I was going to do. You see, I haven't been formally training. I've been running (a lot) and biking (a little), but I haven't had a training plan other than "Run Forrest, Run". I was also a little nervous because of the Saturday forecast (upper 80s). I don't function well in the heat. My engine is air, not liquid, cooled. If the air temperature isn't below 60, I'm usually screwed.

This year I was runner #9. My first leg was 6 miles, of which four miles was uphill. I hammered out 6:50s pretty easy. My second leg was 5 miles, four of which were downhill. 6:20s. My last leg was 8 miles and was at 5pm Saturday. No sleep. Very tired. Not a lot of runners around to keep me motivated. On the Beeline Highway. 6:30s. Fortunately my air cooled engine was helped by my outstanding teammates running back and forth across the highway dumping water on me.

I feel strong people. I'm going to CRUSH 3 hours this year. I predict 2:56 at St. George. I have a plan. Now I just need to get in to the race.


ZippityDoDaw said...

Seriously, You are incredible! Run Forrest, Run, got me too! :)

Denise said...

You're a VW bug?! Really, Mike your running is impressive.

Bubba the Hutt said...


/Sword of Omens

PassTheChips said...

Bubba, you can barely see it, but the wristband I'm wearing has the Thundercats logo on it. Just in case I ever run into Mumm-ra.

Bubba the Hutt said...

That is awesome, word on the street is he's a powerful guy; few that have beheld it live to tell the tale.

Anonymous said...