Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Forgotten Cheese

This post is dedicated to the two cheeses at Calicchio & Sons whose names I cannot recall. And one of them was really quite stinky good. Rest in peace.

The cheese whose name I do recall:

Blu di Bufala - Blue cheese made from water buffalo milk. Super buttery, but hardened buttery, not soft buttery (e.g., St. Agur). Mildly sharp. Very tasty. Dipping it in raw honey or eating it in between spoons of olive oil ice cream takes it to 11.


daniel said...

at a breakfast last week, i was served a fantastic hard cheese. i know nothing about the stuff but this made me want to learn. any suggestions on where i can learn a little about cheeses without being mocked for lacking experience with anything more exotic than havarti?

PassTheChips said...

Try these links:

and of course

Definitely find a cheese store and then stick with it. Ideal Cheese on 1st Ave is my favorite in the City. They'll let you try cheese after cheese after cheese and are happy to answer questions.

Denise said...

When I saw the title of this post on the link from Bubba's blog, I thought -- Mike has totally gone downhill. He's eating cheese, upon finding it, that he's left forgotten somewhere. Since you now have three children -- my assumption was a natural one to make, no?

Go cheese go!

daniel said...

thank you sir.

PassTheChips said...


I recently read an article about a 100 year old cheese that a family has been holding onto for generations somewhere in Brooklyn. Forgetting about a cheese and then finding it would be a nice surprise.

Denise said...


Depends on the cheese. Some cheese would not taste better, left forgotten. Have you never seen a half eaten string cheese stick left forgotten by a child? I rest my case. I'm off to try Etorki.