Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is the crew that stood around doing a lot of nothing while we sat on the tarmac in Lima on our way home. For 3 hours. The plane ended up needing a new part. The closest available part of this type was in Chicago. Needless to say, we left 15 hours later. I'm happy to report that the food at the Lima airport is actually pretty good, particularly, the lomo saltado (i.e., salty beef). I didn't want to stoop down to airport ceviche, especially after having it at Pescados Capitales the night before. Mmmmm.


liz said...

who is that sexy dame?!

It's Not Your Fault! said...

Not sure... but you best not tell your wife about her Mike!! ;)

Can't wait to hear about the hunting excursion... and of course the trip details.