Thursday, February 21, 2013


What I learned in Portland this week:

- Women wear big giant glasses
- I'm in the beardless minority
- Single speed bikes or die
- Bikers are crazy
- If the forecast says rain, it probably just means cloudy
- On the off chance it does rain, it'll be mild
- No more leather soled shoes
- I've been to lots of cities where food trucks are the rage, but Portland is ridiculous.  Whole parking lots are dedicated to them (i.e., I saw one lot with almost 40 trucks crammed in)
- I didn't hear "cacau" once, but I wanted to say it, but not for the reason you think
- If I was a beer drinker, I'd be in beer drinkers heaven
- The people begging for money aren't nearly as aggressive as those in the SF Bay area
- Having a car is very inconvenient
- It has an awesome foodie reputation and I've eaten lots of good food, but haven't had anything special yet

More to come.


dj rae said...


still makes me laugh.

It's Not Your Fault! said...

Great list, but that inside joke fell on deaf ears... no idea what you are talking about!