Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oppressed Youth

Another extremely interesting and entertaining subway ride. I'm on my way home from school at about 9:30pm. School was ok, but I can already tell it's going to be a long summer. If I have to listen to another story from the NYSE specialist in our class, I'm going to be ill. Inventory management just isn't that exciting.

Ok, back to the subway. The 6 train to Grand Central. At 23rd Street, two young black guys get on, dressed interestingly enough, like hardcore punks. Torn up jeans, Megadeath patches, chains glued their pants and jackets, and of course the obligatory combat boots. However, they were carrying an 80s style ghetto blaster. As soon as they stepped on to the train and the doors closed, they both yelled, "Hey, if the mother f-ing hip hop guys can do it, so can we." Then they pressed play on their ghetto blaster and out forth spewed Testament and Slayer-like speed metal. The guys then proceeded to bob their heads in rhythmn to I'm not sure what and play their air guitars. All the way to Grand Central.

In addition, sitting three feet across from these metalheads was a sunburned family from Kansas, with their shorts up to their waists and Guggenheim posters in hand. Prior to our young friends boarding the subway, they were laughing, having a good time, telling everyone who would listen that "...they weren't from here..." (no kidding), and falling all over the train every time it stopped, started, or turned. Well, once Living Colour boarded, the fun stopped. They huddled, stopped talking, and started emitting tourist fear pheromones. You'd have thought they were back in Wichita at the height of the BTK madness.

For all you Family Guy fans out there, "What's CPR?"


liz said...

whatever, mike, you just wanted an excuse to take a picture of that chick's legs reading the mag. nice try with the over-the-top story. things like that NEVER happen in NYC.

Wheels said...

Liz that is a good point. The legs are clearly center focus and well, he could have gotten a closer and more accurate picture moon walking closer...

P.S. Everyone knows what CPR stands for...

"The trio CPR includes legendary rock figure David Crosby, his touring guitarist Jeff Pevar, and his natural son, James Raymond on keyboards." CPR rules... how did you know this is my favorite band?