Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Science and Smoke

You'll notice that I'm on my second book of the week. Already finished up Harry Potter. No spoilers here, but I was a little disappointed in the quality of the writing. The story is still solid, but this book felt like filler and the end wasn't that dramatic. It was more of a "That's it? That's how it ends?" type of ending.

Freakonomics won't stay on the list for long. I started it today and have only read it on the train to and from work and I'm already half done. Very well written. Engaging style. Great questions. Great anecdotes. Questionable science. If you read it and judging by its sales, you probably have, don't take what Levitt has written as 100% fact. If I hear one more person tell me why the crime rate dropped, I'm throwing something.

Running, something I haven't written about in a while. I'm up to 15 miles a week. I'm slow as hell, but my knees don't hurt that badly anymore. On a 4 miler yesterday, I was struggling to run a 7:30 mile. It's tough being the slow kid. We're in a new ward and my bishop is an ultra-marathoner that routinely runs sub-3 hour marathons. Did I tell you he's in his mid-50s, has six kids, and practices international law? Not sure where he gets the time to train, but I'll tell you one thing. I'm going to smoke him when we race in the fall.

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