Thursday, September 29, 2005

100% Dumb

Yes, I'm an idiot. My continual public self-flagellation might appear strange and you might think it is some form of catharsis, but it's not. That's just who I am, a self-torturer. Who wouldn't be after the example this government has set? Torture is fun. Everyone join in.

Ok, so here is why I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. First week of class this week for the fall semester. By the way, that one week break between Financial Statement Analysis and this week was sorely needed. Why am I doing this again? Ah, yes, the supposed pot of gold that will supposedly be coming post-May 4th. I have been slowly convinced otherwise, but we'll see. Rambling again sorry. No sleep and I think my son gave me pneumonia. Back to dim-bulb boy.

Monday and Tuesday went well. Well, Monday didn't. I decided to take the red eye home from Arizona, with a 1 year old who decided to wake up and scream his head off with about 90 minutes left in the flight. Upon landing, we went home and I logged in and worked for the day. Then I went to class, Corporate Finance. It's still a little hazy and I don't remember much. Tuesday was much better. Competitive Strategy. Going to be a good class. A lot of work, but work that I'll definitely use going forward. That brings us to Wednesday. Supply Chain Management. Again, a very exciting class. Seriously, I have been looking forward to this class all summer. I showed up, having read the case and ready to rock. I sit down and the professor starts by talking about how this is the second session. I'm completely confused. Second session? Am I in the wrong class? Nope. Prof's name is on the slides and it's definitely supply chain. I take a closer look at my syllabus. Apparently this class started last Wednesday. You may point your fingers at the screen and screech now.

Apparently, Monday and Tuesday classes started this week, but Wednesday and Thursday classes started last week. So I missed the first class last week of the course that I've been looking forward to all summer and had no idea I was missing it. You'd think that being an MBA student at Stern, I'd have learned to read by now. Apparently not. Well, at least my idiotness was only known to me.

It wasn't to last for long. So the professor is talking about inventory and shows some industries with their inventory ratios. He asked if anyone was in those industries. I was and raised my hand. He called on me and asked what my ratio was. I said 85. He gasped. He was very impressed, as was the class. They immediately labelled me an outlier as I was heads and shoulders above the industry average, which is around 7. The funny thing is that I gave 85 because I thought initially he was asking about inventory turnover, which when you plug in 85, is downright horrible. My actual inventory ratio (COGS/average inventory) is around 3, which is why I'm in this class. Yes, I am a fool. I still don't know how I was accepted by this fine institution. I hope they never find out that I am in fact not an Eskimo.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand most of what you just wrote -- other than I'm really sorry that Z didn't behave on the plane -- and that you are now sick -- and that you missed the first week of class. :-(


liz said...

give me and M


give me an i


give me a k


give me an E


what does that spell? MIKE MIKE MIKE!!!!!

Love, your cheerleader. I love you.

liz said...

If you don't update soon we are all going to start to make up stories for you and post them. I could figure out the password easily.