Monday, October 24, 2005


I realize that I have lost whatever momentum I ever had with this thing and that my readers, all three of them, are long gone. Them's the breaks. I wish I could help you out. I know most of you. Just call me. I'll probably forward it to voicemail and never call you back, but you never know.

If anyone knows how to quantitatively measure risk using marginal contribution and salvage rates, let me know. My brain hurts.


Anonymous said...

Damn man...I'm still reading, just got kind of lost in the swirl of moving to the Bay, starting a new job, breaking my knee and day-dreaming about little pink bunnies and all that crazy stuff. At the very least keep it goin' for your own personal growth and fufillment, that's what I say.


Lisa said...

I am still reading...more rather waiting for you to just post ANYTHING! AND I just gave birth. You have no excuse. :) Wanna discuss how our generation spends our money on pointless material objects and that we are all brainwashed...that was Grandma's topic in September. Wanna?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you can find sympathy between $hi... and syphilis in the dictionary! (Stole that from the big screen.)

We want you to write. We want to read it. We want to chuckle at what some of us have completed or what I have 5 weeks left in...

Besides, you are 3% complete on your first check... don't walk away from three percent!