Friday, April 21, 2006

Legs of Steel

My legs have the beginnings of that iron feel to them. Richard, there is no way in hell you'll ever beat me in a race. Maybe if you go Tonya Harding on me. Otherwise, keep looking at my back, 'cause that's all you're ever going to see. BTW, I'm officially challenging you to the Olympic distance of the St. George Triathalon, 2007. I know, I know, I don't have a bike and haven't ridden one in over 10 years, so what. Let's race. My friends, who organize the race, have already been told that we will be racing to the death. The death. I should probably start swimming again too. Wait, can we make it just a run?

JP, you can join in the fun as well. May, 2007.

St. George Tri


Anonymous said...

Bike riding? That is just unacceptable and totally out of character. I know you described those cottonheadedninnymonger's and the lowest of low!

You said those bikers are a step up from fast walkers!

Lisa said...

Hey man! What you have against Tonya Harding?! Not cool. ;)
Dude - you need to keep writing. We don't hear too much from you lately!

Anonymous said...

Now we get to see if you are just a one trick pony. Being a strong runner, you'll be a strong triathalete. You see how those who compete in triathalons are called triathaletes, as in athletes. Those who compete in running races are called runners and marathoners, etc... Not nearly as cool.