Monday, May 01, 2006


Mission accomplished, thanks to our friends the Wheelers. I neglected to take a picture of the most important part of my house finding trip, but I will leave this with you instead. Stop wasting your time with blizzards. Cherry Mr. Misty Float please.

Our new home. Well, not exactly, but close enough.

A new friend?

Pt. Reyes

Marin County has cheese factories. The deal was sealed.


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beka said...

that was wierd.

cheese factory, you must be in heaven!

liz said...

hrm. strange indeed. while it is true, a college degree is helpful and associated to our move to CA, I am willing to bet that phone number leads to an obscene phone call much like a 900 number.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to thank you... you left the cheese! mmmmmm - it will be gone before your arrival. I'll have to leave a Mr. Misty Cherry Float coupon...