Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Delivered to the Curb

Who knew that buying a washer and dryer could be so thrilling? Not just one of those hook me up to the sink washers or a dryer that takes five hours to dry one towel or worse, going to the laundromat, which we did for years in Brooklyn, but a real washer and dryer. Just take a look at this beauty. I won't even need to go to the garage or put in quarters.

And the corresponding dryer.

Maybe I'm confusing my excitement for these appliances with my overall excitement at our new adventure, but whatever it is, what a rush.


Anonymous said...

be prepared to dry my tears of joy on that first load. should we have a ceremony to honor the beauty of it? i can hold off doing the first load until you get into town so we can experience it together.


Anonymous said...

I remember our first washer and dryer. They were Sears Kenmore -- avocado green -- and we saved for months to pay for them in cash. The plan was to have them delivered before YOU were born -- which they were. However, we didn't count on the fact that the electrical wiring in the old house we were renting was so old that we couldn't use the dryer. So we washed your diapers in our brand-new green Kenmore, and then hung them out to dry in the back yard. Fortunately, we moved a year later and were able to begin using the dryer as well.

Love, Mom

PTC said...

I remember those avocado green appliances. Then we moved on to diarrhea yellow. Ah, the 70s.

liz said...
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liz said...

waiting for the arrival any minute!