Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Racing Schedule

- Ragnar del Sol Relay I'm the third leg.

- St. George Triathlon Although it appears to be sold out at the moment. Ben and Josh, you need to help me out here.

- Salt Lake City Marathon A training run for me where I'll likely be the pacer for a group that will be trying to BQ at a later marathon.

- St. George Marathon This is where I will attempt what is for me my ultimate marathoning goal, a sub-3 hour marathon.

I'll probably have some 10ks and half-marathons thrown in for good measure. Some of the people here in the Bay area want me to run some crazy trail runs, but I'm not sold yet.

What does your racing schedule look like?


liz said...

30 minutes on the treadmill
3 days a week

Anonymous said...

Racquetball three days a week for 2 hours.

Enter and medal in at least three tourney's in a class chosen for me by our league pro.

Get my drive serve closer to 150 mph. Right now I am closer to 120.

How to hit a drive serve according to Google...

STEP 1: Decide you're hitting a drive serve before you set yourself in the service area.

STEP 2: Pick which back corner you want the ball to finish in.

STEP 3: Stand at the back line of the service area.

STEP 4: Obstruct your opponent's vision by dropping the ball between your body and her or his line of sight.

STEP 5: Bounce the ball low to the ground.

STEP 6: Pull your racquet arm as far back as is comfortable in a backswing.

STEP 7: Hit the ball off the bounce when it's still low to the ground.

STEP 8: Aim for a spot 3-4 feet above the ground on the front wall. Ideally, the ball will bounce just beyond the service line, stay low to the ground, and bounce again before hitting the back wall.

STEP 9: Use varying amounts of speed as needed...

It is this last step that is complete BS. You need to crush a drive serve... or it is simply not a drive serve.

rakel said...

Does that mean you'll be visiting me often?

lisapow said...