Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lottery Winner

This isn't about money, but about my entry into the St. George Marathon. You see, due to local and state regulations regarding the road this race is run on, only 6900 people are allowed to participate. However, because it is a very downhill course, very well organized, and in a beautiful part of Utah, many more people than 6900 try to enter each year. That's where the lottery comes in. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones and got in.

With the reality of me running St. George in October (potential reality really as we have a newborn coming in August), comes the necessary creation of a training schedule. Not since I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in 2004 have I created such a detailed schedule. The reason being is that this race will represent my attempt to go under 3 hours. Having a marathon result that starts with a 2 is my ultimate running goal. I am quite sure that if I ran a sub-3 that it would be the most significant athletic accomplishment of my life. I would probably even shed a tear or two. It means everything to this runner.

However, when I looked at my schedule and truly began to comprehend what it would take, a little bit of fear crept into my psyche. It's going to be extremely difficult and even if I train perfectly, the possibility of not running a sub-3 is there. With a perfect training cycle, I still put the odds at about 50/50.

Training starts May 21st. May I have the strength to wake up at 4:30am Monday through Saturday for 20 weeks.


Liz said...

...and may we have a new baby that likes to sleep during the hours post 4:30am so I can be supportive and encouraging!

You can doooooooo it!

You know, I bet there is a newborn insert for that jogging stroller we could look into....


The Empty Nesters said...

So what name did you actually register under? Because when we check the Lottery Results online, we don't see the name that we gave our first-born. We see Dad's name, we see Mel's name. We don't see your name.

PTC said...

Due to messing up a couple of thousand group registrations, the St. George Marathon people are having to manually go in and re-register everyone affected. They told me that I should be in the database by Tuesday.

Mo said...

To guarantee your sub 3 hour time, since it is a largely downhill marathon, you should invest in some Heelies. That way you can go faster downhill.

Kristy said...

I am tired just thinking about you getting up at 4:30 every morning. As my Grandma Messana would say "God bless" (with a really heavy sigh, and roll of the eyes, like whatever you are trying to do is impossible, oh yea she is also implying she thinks you are nuts at the time of speaking this). Gotta love Italian grandmothers!

It's Not Your Fault! said...

I think you will do it. It may not be this race or the next, but if you have a goal - you will achieve it. That is what I know about you.

We both had a very special goal once... and I just achieved it today.

What I am saying to you is... YOU CAN DO IT!! After all, I did!

The part about waking up at 4:30 every morning is just amazing. Tell us all... what time do you go to bed? From the time the alarm clock goes off... what exactly is your process...

Start here:

-Roll over and smash the alarm clock and replace it with the 30 back up's per month. ;)
-Put feet on the floor.
- etc. etc... I am interested.

For me:
-Hear the alarm clock in my dreams... more like a booty call then an alarm clock.
- start to wake up... not a booty call... just my beloved pushing and smacking me to get up.
- Next she tells me I will be unemployed again if I do not get up.
- Immediate effect, I spring out of bed. (7:03 usually - alarm goes off at 7:00)
-Walk to shower
-Shower -[skip details - yes, you are welcome]
- dry, shave, hair, teeth, clothes - exit bathroom
- eat Post's RB (every day needs to start this way.. I love it and it makes me regular.)
- Get in car and listen to MJ morning show... I love this program. (7:15 - I know I am fast.. what can I say it is my special skill)
- get to work at 7:50

Now you can stop when you leave for work.. but I want to know how you do it... 4:30... if I wake up at 4:30 someone better be going to the hospital... cause they will be if I get up at that hour!!