Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Err, Seattle

I'm in Seattle four days a week for the next four to six months. It rains in Seattle. I'm not that fond of running in the rain. So today, I ran on a treadmill for the first time since last summer. However, it was a little bit different than last summer, as I was doing speed work on the treadmill and today, I was just running. However, I must say that as awful as running on a treadmill is, the technology has come a long way. I'll check the make/model of the treadmill that I'm using, but it had some cool features.

- A picture of a mountain on the display
- A dot representing me climbing the mountain
- A red line showing me where I had run

I ran 6 miles (it was all I could stand - it was a treadmill) and gained 600 feet over the first four miles, with over half of that being in the last mile. It was a decent run. I'm more excited to get out in the morning at 5am and run some of these hills. I do have a race coming up that I'm not the slightest bit prepared for.

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