Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My dear sister, Beja, is taking pictures of our home as it is being constructed. I am pleased to tell you that we have lots of cabinets. In other words, we have many places for mice to hang out. Now I love mice droppings as much as the next cowboy and I'm more than happy to let them hang out in my garage and nibble on my cardboard to their smart little hearts content, but c'mon, this is getting a little ridiculous.

You can tell looking at our home that the builder picked out items that would be pleasing to both your typical guy and your typical gal. (I know what you're thinking Liz, "Hey, we're not typical. We're like rock star skateboarder drummers. The coolest people on the block." Well you might be baby, but this farsighted guy in his khaki pants and his white board loving brain, most definitely is. Please keep holding up the cool flag for the family because cool, if ever it resided within this physical body, has long since fled.) That was a long tangent. Sorry.

So back to the house and the gender appealing typicalness aspects of it. Lots of cabinets, back yard, high ceilings, bouncy carpet, spacious master bedroom, bedrooms close to the master bedroom, etc, etc were definitely created and designed with a woman in mind. In fact, I didn't remember anything about these features until I recently looked at Beja's photostream.

Appealing to the male gender, a tower. A tower. A freaking tower. Sold. Honestly, I couldn't have cared less about anything else. "Yes, Mr. Realtor, you may show me other homes, but only if they too offer a tower. No tower, no deal." (Thank you Dale by the way.)

When I looked at Beja's photostream today and saw all of the cabinets, instead of being all aflutter, I thought of rodents. Tiny little rodent dwellings. I hope they don't offer me sweets and then attempt to slice open my brain to take a peek.

In more interesting news, my diarrhea spree of four days has finally ceased. Just in time for my first ultramarathon (50k or 31.07 miles with 9200 feet of climbing) this weekend. Pictures will be forthcoming. Let's hear it for my 60 year old father running it with me and one of my brothers. You are the man!


Beka said...

1. When ever I read Beja, I say Baja in my head and then I get sad because I am at work and not at the Baja.

2. No matter how hard you try, you will always be cool. No amount of cabinets will take that away from you.

3. Make sure you don't give the mice any cookies, because I have always been taught they will want milk.

liz said...

beka- "if you give a mouse a cookie..."..good call. took me a while to get it. but i finally did.