Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Falling Down

I should be posting about my sprint triathlon and the Turkey Trot 10k, but the pictures are elsewhere and what is a race repot without pictures. Yep. Boring.

Instead I bring you Stratfor's assessment of the President's Afghanistan strategy. It's been interesting to hear Republicans praising the president and the left not quite knowing what to do or say.

The analysis itself is interesting and I'm paraphrasing here:

What we have is the Taliban that is definitely going to infiltrate the Afghan army. The Afghan army which is the key to the success of the President's strategy. So instead of focusing all of our efforts on preventing this infiltration, which is near nigh impossible, we'll use the Pakistani ISI to infiltrate the Taliban.

What is that you say? The ISI has been instrumental in helping the Taliban in the past? No matter. We don't have any other options.


Denise said...

So, I briefly thought of you last night. A guest at our annual Holiday Open House was talking to me about some of the food on our table and I mentioned a brie and mushroom appetizer that someone had brought that looked fabulous, and she said... "No, I don't like cheese." Then I stared at her for what felt like a long time before responding with "I don't understand that."

PassTheChips said...

I hope you quickly showed her the door and said, "I don't like people who don't like cheese."

Denise said...

Geez Mike. You make everything sound so easy. We'll just save the cheese for you. You should come to dinner again. Drop us a line when you have a minute...