Thursday, October 04, 2012

It was ..

a good debate last night.  The candidates got a little wonky, which I'm always a fan of.  I agree with the pundits. Governor Romney had the better night.  He was more engaged, energetic, and seemed to want it more.  His main MediCare talking point (which he almost forgot about) seemed to stump the President.  President Obama seemed to struggle at times looking for words (I liked Bill Maher's tweet) and his arguments were soft rather than factual.  It was interesting to watch their debate strategies knowing where they are in the polls.  The President just needs to play defense and make sure he doesn't mess up.  Governor Romney is obviously looking for something big to shake up the electoral math.  The polls over the next week should be interesting in CO, OH, VA, NC, IA, and FL will be closely watched.  I still think he has an uphill battle in OH.  The nature of the economy, the distrust of the rich, and the discomfort that I suspect many Ohioans feel with a Mormon are huge obstacles to ovecome in that state.

I have no idea what to expect next week when Congressman Ryan and Vice-President Biden face off.  Seriously, no idea.

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Anonymous said...

Ah - I miss these posts. Every four year is not enough!

I can see no way he takes my state. Too many people with their heads in the sand. No FL - no Presidency...