Friday, October 12, 2012

V.P. Debate

I listened to the debate live on NPR as I was driving to the airport.  It sounded like Biden was really having his way with a very timid Ryan.  Was he rude, sure.  Was it effective rudeness, yes.

Then I watched the replay on CNN.  V.P. Biden's body language and expressions were terrible.  It was worse than Al Gore's 2000 first debate performance.

On substance, it seemed to depend on the topic.  Biden came across as more caring for those suffering.  Except for one instance, I thought Ryan had him on foreign policy (c'mon Ryan, would you rather put U.S. troops or Afghan troops at risk??).  

I'd say on the whole, it was a tossup.  Probably didn't sway any middle of the roaders and reinforced beliefs for people that have already taken sides.

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