Friday, February 11, 2005

Piano Boy

piano boy
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My son likes to scream. Not cry. Scream. He once noticed that whenever he made a noise in his parents' room, that the baby monitor in his room would pick up the sound and the monitor in our room would light up. He likes it when things light up. A lot. Now he thinks that whenever he screams, things should light up. So he spends his mornings screaming.

I am only home in the mornings a few days a week and think it is cute, especially when he screams and plays his piano at the same time. (I think he's going to be the next Buddy Holly.) His mother thought it was cute, but now turns on the very loud dishwasher to drown out his screams. Ominous, I know.


Lisa M said...

TOO CUTE! I miss you baby Zane!
Scream away my darling nephew...
(It must be all the watching of Hitler on the History channel...on Sundays no less! J/K)

Enjoy it now before he can scream actual words at you..not necessarily nice words either!

Anonymous said...

Gotta Love the Zanemaster!!!

Anonymous said...

That's my boy, Z.

He'll be screaming at shows with me soon enough.