Thursday, February 17, 2005

Subway Singer

I've just been lucking out recently. My favorite subway preacher last week and my favorite subway singer this week. When I say that this person is my favorite subway singer, that's saying something. There's some serious vocal talent riding the subways. This woman walks through the cars, using her cane to keep the beat, and sings gospel and R & B tunes.

I would have given her a quarter, but my hamstring hurt and the multi-tasking of reaching for change and taking a picture at the same time was too painful. I had a tough choice to make and I went for the picture.


nick said...

yo this pic is way funny, but i really think your the bum here..lazy bum that is not reaching for your wallet to drop a benjamin ya heard...holla

Lisa M said...

Her-cup-run-nith-empty! Poor soul.
Jeez, at least I bought my sticker from the homeless guy...
You are getting free entertainment.
Maybe you can suggest she take her cane and audition for American Idol. I bet she cleans up good.

OHMYGOSH! I think just created a new reality TV/talent show!!! We can call it American Subway Idol...Lisa Out!