Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Subway Preacher

4 train preacher
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I see this guy every other week or so. He takes the 4 train, reads from the Bible and includes his own personal commentary. Then at Wall St, he says, "Well, I need to go to work now, just like the rest of you. God bless."

He's one of those fire and brimstone kind of preachers. Done in a kind of sing-song voice, where his last word always trails off into the ether. Today's preaching included no idol worshipping, no fornication, and no masturbation. My favorite comment was, "...and if you're masturbating, you better stop!"

Most people ignore him. Some laugh at him. Once in a great while, he'll get an "Amen, brother". I've always wanted to get an "Amen, brother." Maybe I'll turn from my wicked running blog ways to the goodness found in the preaching blog. My first sermon is thus: "My message today kids, is if you're masturbating, you better stop!"


Anonymous said...

Sheesh- back in MY days of subway commuting we didn't have the nice, new, shiny, & luxurious subway cars that you are privledged to ride in, nor the Wall Street Preacher. No, no I had the freak show that flailed arms and smelled of urine and screamed at you while you were stuck to your 600 year old, crusted, orange subway seat. Luckeeeeeeeee.


Wheels said...

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Anonymous said...