Monday, June 13, 2005


My brothers and my sister-in-law came to visit last week. One night, my brother who is married, went to the ballet. He had heard that some famous dancer was going to be performing in at the Metropolitan Opera House and he just had to go. So he dragged his wife there. My other brother and myself wanted no part of watching guys in tights with giant packages jumping around and twirling, so we went to see a movie.

Both of our events ended at roughly the same time and we decided to meet at Ellen's Stardust Diner, a couple of blocks north of Times Square. On a Saturday night. Now for those of you that haven't been to Ellen's, it's basically a diner where Broadway hopefuls are the servers. The servers practice their art, singing, in between orders. On Saturday nights, this place is packed. It took us an hour just to get our milkshakes and disco fries. They didn't know what disco fries were at first, that's a Tick Tock Diner specialty, but once I explained to them that disco fries are simply cheese fries with brown gravy on them, they made them for us. Brown gravy, cheese, and fries, mmmmmmmmm!

Well, while we were waiting for our food, we were of course subjected to the singing. Not only do these people sing, but they perform as well. My brother that went to the ballet's favorite was the guy singing, "I am Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha..." This particular server got up onto the booths and was singing while walking above everyone. For some reason, he would always stop directly behind me at the "Lord of La Mancha" part and give a couple of hip thrusts as he said La Mancha. Fortunately, my back was to him or my scalding hot gravy would have found a new home.

Now to the picture. This guy was sitting at the bar before we arrived and was there after we left. He loved Ellen's. He loved the singers. Every time someone started singing, he would get off of his stool and start tapping his foot and clapping. I kept looking for cameras because the guy looked like Borat from Da Ali G Show.


Anonymous said...

I must defend myself! Yes, I did go to the ballet with my wife. She was a dancer her entire life, so when she saw that two of her favorite dancers were performing, she had to go and of course I was to be her date. So yes it is true, but once again my older unwise brother only talks trash when I can not get to him. Remember brother, you will be coming home in a few months and things like this are not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Now....Now....boys.....its your father....remember....that older than you guys, show....have tights, will travel...or was it have gun, will travel.....i guess its "about" the same.