Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Little Boat That Could

My two fans have been at me again. Although I might have three now. The Cereal Pimp apparently has become a reader as well.

I've been at an off-site this week. And by off-site, what I really mean is that my boss had his team meet in a building two blocks away from the building we normally work in. Off-site indeed. As a part of this off-site, we usually go out at night. One evening, we went out into the harbor and watched the yacht races. Twenty-two J-boats racing around Liberty and Governors Island. Now I know what you're thinking. Yacht races - Miami Vice size yacht, guys in pink, supermodels in bikinis. Let me tell you something. It was just like that. Wine, cheese, and nose candy for all. That and my two Diet Cokes. Miami Vice aside, this was a little too Hamptonish for me, but that's another story.

Well, to get out to the floating clubhouse, we had to take the yacht club's personal taxi, which is what you see here, Lil' Toot. Such a cute little guy. He's a little underpowered though. I wasn't sure we were going to make it back to the marina at one point. The Hudson's current is pretty strong. My faith was weak. Lil' Toot was strong. I made it back.


Wheels said...

We, readers of Mike's blog, all need to sound off. This blog is a classic representation of a man separated from what he really loves to do... Run - Write - Eat, ok occasionally maintain the population of desert foul, but that aside... Run - Write - Eat!

Now post the story... You went to East Hampton??? Do tell... what “helo” pad did you take off from? Hopefully not the one where those poor tourists went into the drink...

Anonymous Cereal Guy said...

This is the highlight of my morning, getting mentioned on the World Wide Web in Fuller's blog.

This completes me.

Bubba said...

Um, I've been waiting for weeks for new content, it's about damn time you put something together. I was just so happy that there was something there to read I wasn't even a little upset that you posted a picture of some lame ass boat instead of girls in bikinis.

Happy happy joy joy.