Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dead Legs

Last week, I was completely shredded. Dead Leg City. Every step was like I was running in mud. Therefore, I took this week as a serious recovery/step-back week. I'm only running three times. However, two of those three runs are serious. On Tuesday, I ran 5 1600 repeats. On the treadmill of course at an elevation of 1. First mile after my 1 mile warmup was at 7:03 (speed warmup). Mile 2 was at 6:38. Mile 3 at 6:18 and miles 4 and 5 were at 6:00. The crazy thing was that I felt great. I haven't had a speed workout like that in years. I'm hoping that it wasn't an illusion. I'm running a casual 6 tomorrow and an 18 miler on Saturday, with 9 miles of it being at 6:48 pace. So while the mileage is down, I have two intense workouts.

Cutting back this week has been great. No falling asleep while driving and I've been strong for once. Next week, back to the 50 mile weeks.

One more note. I ran a 22 miler last Saturday. I don't know if other runners experience this, but when I stop running any time after 18 miles, the pain is so intense that I usually audibly moan in pain. It's only when I stop though. Very odd.


Mo said...

Just the opposite for me. I usually don't moan audibly in pain until I start running.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I cannot recall - ever - moaning during any form of exercise.

I know the feeling of dead legs, but usually it is from carrying my three kids in the pool. Heck, it is sorta the same thing... exercise... takes hours and hours to complete; no end in sight!