Friday, September 19, 2008


Please let this scenario happen. According to the Poll of Polls, I can see it.

Only look at the toss-up states.

For Obama:

For McCain:

Although with the economy on the forefront of everyones' minds (with the Republicans having been at the helm) and with the majority of Americans scared to death of a potential President Palin, this is probably unlikely (meaning Obama probably wins OH, IN, and/or VA).

Go Chaos!


Anonymous said...

I would like to know where you received your reference that "the majority of Americans are scared to death of a President Palin". Whereas I can come up with the same stat that the majority of Americans are scared to death of the Socialist Obama. If the economy is the focal point, maybe the majority of Americans should look at the cycles this economy goes through. If you want government to have a big hand in our economy, vote Obama, but if you believe that this nation is built for capitalism, vote McCain. Yes, what we are going through is not anyone's favorite, but just imagine the high unemployment we will go through if Obama is elected and he is able to put his hands into our businesses. He will be the downfall of this great country, NOT McCain. VOTE MCCAIN.

PassTheChips said...

Gallup. Go and look at her trending on positives and negatives. 20 point swings and her negatives are over 50%.

According to the latest national polling, only 45% of Americans are scared to death of an Obama presidency. That's not a majority.

The word "Socialism" gets thrown around a lot. I have news. We live in a Socialist country. Unless you're willing to give up Social Security, Medicare, and every other entitlement/benefit the government offers you, and I mean every last one, then throwing around words like Socialist and big government and Welfare State don't mean much because that is the country we live in. Bush has done an amazing job of increasing the size of government (think Prescription Drug Bill).

There is no small government party. In fact, government has grown in size (real dollars, not nominal dollars)more under Republican administrations than it has under Democratic administrations over the past 30 years.

Two more items that don't jive with the Repub's stated ideology:

- Republicans are bigger deficit spenders (i.e., they have increased the size of the public debt) over the past 30 years

- Republicans have seen smaller increases in GDP over the past 30 years than the Dems

The party of Barry Goldwater is no more. At this point, we're left with a party that talks about small government and decreases taxes, while increasing the size of government screwing over future generations and a party that believes in big government, but doesn't increase it to the extent that Republicans do.

Look at the CBO data. It's all there.

PassTheChips said...

And this isn't a cycle. This is a failure of the entire financial system (which the Republicans have been stewarding for the past eight years).

Hey, I'm partly to blame. I voted to put them in and am only now seeing what a system of no to low regulation leads to. Easy and cheap money with little oversight about who gets that money put us in this situation.

Rachael said...

Think FDR and The New Deal. All that government socialist reform? That dumb junk that got us out of the Depression? Yeah, we should have just pulled ourselves up by our boot strings..