Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have always been a political junkie. Few things get my mind and heart racing more than politics. It's fun, entertaining, and helps prevent brain atrophy. Most of the time, aside from my favorite P&E (Politics and Economics) links over to the left, I keep these topics off my blog. I do this for several reasons:

1. There is already a glut of high quality content out there.
2. I hate parroting back simply what I've read or heard.
3. I usually have nothing original to say regarding the topic (see #2).
4. My audience of two just isn't into politics the same way that I am and I'd hate to drive my readership away (i.e., it would be a bad marketing decision).
5. Running in Arizona just isn't as inspiring as running in NorCal or Westchester or even NYC.

However, as you have seen, I've recently begun changing my self-imposed policy. My ardor for politics has not changed, but the events that are taking place right now are too important for me not to express what I'm thinking and feeling (yes, I do feel).

I will continue to sporadically post about my running adventures, as they happen and as they inspire me, but for the immediate future, expect to see more links to political and economic articles that contain topics and opinions that I believe are important. I know that many of you ignore these topics, but (and here is where the editorialist in me escapes), you do so at your own peril. The events and decisions that we as friends, family, communities, and as a nation are faced with today will affect your day to day lives for a generation. It is that important.

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Denise said...

Well said, Mr. Chips.