Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday Debate

Some of you might not like the direction I'm headed, but Senator McCain's political stunt in refusing to debate Senator Obama Friday evening is an utter joke. Now IS exactly the time for a debate. Let us see the choices before us. Let us understand what they are thinking in the heat of the moment without their scripted and vetted talking points.

As if the past two weeks haven't provided enough evidence of McCain's lack of knowledge of economics and finance, this cancellation for the benefit of the country trumps his populism/socialism/or whatever flavor of the dayism that he keeps coming up with. I predict that this little gimmick will help speed up the erosion of his support. Although with more than a month to go, who knows what else could happen. Afghanistan could erupt or we could invade Iran.

At the end of the day, we're all going to need to have a gut check when we go to the voting booth. That gut check for me will be all about judgement and pragmatism in moments of both peace and crisis. It's becoming clear to me who that person is.


John said...

My guess is you're voting for Chuck O Baldwin.

Sheri said...

I feel like our country is a mess, and there really is no great candidate. Both McCain and Obama are weak in different areas where we need a stong leader. When I told my mom today that I didn't know who I was voting for yet, she about had a heart attack (because for her, the choice is obvious).

I guess I need to decide what the biggest issue for me is. I'll have to think about it...and keep reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Isn't McCain against the Bailout and Obama for it. By all accounts McCain and the GOP are the ones stalling this bail out because it's not the right solution. Also there is 6.6 billion in special interest attached to this bail out. Do you think we will every have a politician that cares about us the little people?

PassTheChips said...

It appears so, which makes the election even more interesting. It'll be interesting to see what they both publically end up endorsing.