Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black Hole

I hope that the auto industry bailout comes with many, very tightly monitored strings attached. GM is the worst offender, but Chrysler and Ford are not far behind. Too many brands, too many unattractive cars, too fuel inefficient, too much cost.

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Anonymous said...

I was not crazy about the first bail out, but it eventually settled on me.

We should not be doing this for auto industry. If a local maker is going in the toilet or all three... I ask this question - should that not be the company's problem? Not the American tax payers problem... I have a vested interests if this actually means stopping operations... and I say it regardless.

There are some questions regulators will ask... I do not know about the great mistake decisions.... and I cant even properly characterize found on road dead decisions, but I can say... trimming of everything to focus on the core brands... that has been done.

check = Branch to Central office (business centers)
check = Sell off Problematic less profitable Brands
check = change product line up to compete with Toys and HonSolos
check = respond to American demand for Trucks - The Truck of Texas is none other than... F150.