Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Progressive Pragmatism

Obama's speech was unifying, non-triumphalist, and a call to work. I mulled over the title of this entry for a few minutes. Progressive Pragmatism or Pragmatic Progressivism. The emphasis is important to me. Will Obama's emphasis be on doing what is best for the country, regardless of which label (progressive or conservative) is attached to a particular solution? Or will he emphasize progressive solutions that he thinks he will be able to actually implement?

Obama is a progressive. America has chosen a progressive path. I agree with much of the progressive agenda. I am also hopeful that labels begin to not mean as much as they have in the past and that we are entering an era in which pragmatism rules the day.


Anonymous said...

The speech was great.

That sums it up and does not use the NYU Stern words you selected.

All you had to say was it was great. That is all.

PassTheChips said...

It was really gosh darn great. Yee haw!