Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Obama's Challenge"

From Stratfor.

Looks like this is going to take more than 100 days.


John said...

What a night! Obama is in a rare position now to be the transcendent political figure of our generation. I hope he lives up to the promise that he has inspired in so many.

Big challenges ahead, but BO has 3 important resources that few presidents have ever had to this degree: Momentum from a huge vicory, Goodwill from many domestic and international supporters/observers and a sincere desire from a vast majority of Americans for some kind of change.

These are resources that will disipate over time even if he is successful so he needs to leverage them while they are in high supply. One of his best traits is that he rarely rushes to judgement and seems to act at the right time. I truly hope these characteristics translate while in office.

Anonymous said...

Well put. I thank you for using BO... this will be his tag name.