Sunday, December 21, 2008


There is no way that President George W. Bush can be considered anything other than one of the three worst presidents in U.S. history (along with James Buchanan - uh, The Civil War and Warren G. Harding - Teapot Dome).

What a complete putz.


Anonymous said...

I guess Obama will be considered the 4th then with his desire to fully fund these worthless automakers. I am sure he appreciates your support and taxes, which he will most likely raise since he will not be able to fund his ambitious agenda any other way.

I for one am grateful that we had this president during 9/11. He stood up for us and took the fight to the enemy. And whether you like it or not, Saddam was one of our enemies.

And if you talk about worse presidents, you need look no further than Clinton. He was so bad, the House deemed it necessary to impeach him for all his lying. And those were only the lies he was caught in.

God bless you and your narrow mindedness

PassTheChips said...

Mentioning Saddam and 9/11 in the same breath shows just how ill informed you are and how much you have bought into the Bush propaganda. Propaganda that he and Cheney both have now come out and said was a load of BS.

So let's see:

- starting and waging a pre-emptive (not preventive) war (which is the very definition of an immoral war)

- the current economic disaster

- lowering taxes and doubling spending ensuring that me and my children will be forced to pay higher taxes in the future (because spending never goes down under any president)

You're right. I'm so happy he was president.

If Obama has such a record in four or eight years, I will definitely be adding him to the list.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully that anonymous is not me.

Amen to your post.

Nice job on the rebuttle. To post something like that (anonymous) takes little thought and a general lack of political awareness... I'm sure that post was a piece of cake for the writer.

Anonymous said...

Structured BK is not to be feared... especially since the Gov't was going to assure nothing, which should be truly feared, was going to come to pass... (liquidation and selling off piece by piece)

Anonymous said...

I like to poop my pants.

daniel said...

worst three? surely his footwear dodging skills are worth a bump into the bottom five.

w is probably somewhere around andrew johnson and john tyler based on the destruction of liberties he oversaw.

John said...

He certainly is in the bottom tier of presidents, but it will take some time to gain proper perspective. He may only be one of the 10 worst when we look back in 25 years. Or he may be the worst.

As for annonymous chicken coward pussy poster. If you are going to post, back it up with facts and a name. As for Clinton, he may have been a lying promiscuous jerk, but tell us how he didn't properly perform the office of president.