Monday, December 08, 2008


Stratfor looks at the similarities between the Mumbai attacks and the New York Landmarks Plot that was broken up.

Ok, so on my list of things to do to ensure survival:

- Hoard food. Check.
- Don't spend money (except on food and ammo). Check.
- Get a vicious attack dog that can survive by hunting and killing its own food (small animals or criminals). Still searching.
- Buy a diesel powered generator and build an underground storage tank. Still digging.

And new this week:

- Don't visit well known public places. Check.


Anonymous said...

I shopped for generators (you know with all the hurricanes and all...)

What kind and size did you get?

Also, I will not live in fear.
Cooperstown = will visit
Niagara Falls = did visit, will consider going again
Air Travel = unavoidable (I fly the 18th)
Engage in vigorous repeatable physical activities upon return from 24 day hiatus... AFFIRMATIVE!

liz said...

good thing you never stay in hotels in big cities.