Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Investing In Infrastructure

Where do I sign up for my piece of the $1T deficit (to be paid back by myself at a later date of course with interest)? I've got a slew of ideas.

1. Skeet shooting park in the huge dirt lot across the street
2. Widen Gilbert road to 12 lanes
3. Build a freeway underpass underneath downtown Gilbert
4. Olympic size swimming and diving pool (salt, not chlorine) across the street
5. Free heliport and helicopters .... hmmmm ... 1 mile north of my house
6. Lifetime national hunting and fishing licenses for myself and all of my family and friends
7. Lots of desalination plants for Southern California (I'm sick of them stealing water from the Colorado)
8. Freeway system that is vertical (like in Minority Report), as well as forcing The Big Three to build cars that can use the vertical freeway system
9. Personal nuclear reactors (think Mr. Fusion)
10. A moon base and transportation to it for all Americans that pass the travelling to a moon base test (I should be paid $1B to create the test)

I know I didn't ask for anything completely outrageous. I'm simply trying to be reasonable here.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of clay thing in the lot... get the grant to build a house. You could chair a FL/AZ housing share program. To foster an economic tourism venture to bridge these two very different climates... one family at a time. The Gov't would be responsible to pay all utilities, food needs, and maintenance... that way to fully understand the scale and scope of consumption as it relates to geographic location.