Friday, February 20, 2009



LovelyDancingLights [DF] said...

Its good to see someone has some balls. That was the best thing I've heard since Glenn Beck earlier this afternoon :)

Rachael said...


People only consider them losers until they themselves lose their jobs or home or are victims to other difficult financial situations like emergency medical bills or sudden deaths or a totaled vehicle. Or maybe their education costs go through the roof or they have to take in their sibling's children due to some other extenuating factor.

Are those people losers too?

PassTheChips said...

I think you know who Rick was talking about.

And yes, if unfortunate circumstances happen, like unemployment, and you can't pay your mortgage, you should rent, move in with relatives, etc. Home ownership is not a right. That's why it's called the American Dream.

Denise said...

I love that guy! I hope Daniel can get him to speak in Sacrament Meeting.