Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lapse of Serenity

I typically don't link to friends' blogs/sites. Not because I don't love them, but because the only traffic our sites see is the four or five of us who already read each other and posting a link to a post would be redundant in the worst way.

However, for this post over at Delicious Animals, I must make an exception.

I first met Mr. Delicious Animals when an old friend from the Japan Osaka Mission days (who happens to be Mrs. Delicious Animals) found out that I lived in Brooklyn (her family lived in Westchester) from the Osaka Mission site and reached out to me. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Westchester and ended up in the same ward with the Delicious Animals Family. The short of it is that I know Mr. Delicious Animals pretty well. I won't go into his curriculum vitae, but suffice it to say that the man is probably President of the East Coast Chapter of MENSA (if he would even deign to show up).

So read his educational and brief rant and ignore the bloviating of the talking heads for a day or two.

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daniel said...

you're too kind mike, thanks. not sure what it says about great minds and all that that i don't link to friends' blogs for the same reason.