Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Mormon Trump Card

I swear that I don't regularly read the BYU News. Scouts honor. I simply followed a link with a clever title. Let's see if you can resist The Mormon Trump Card link.

My summary of the article: Context is important.


Denise said...

Yeah, I'm an alum and routinely throw their magazine in the trash without so much as a skim-thru (I know, I know...straight to hell for me) but that was a well written article and worthy of my read -- thanks. Her reminders are important for LDS people to embrace and understand.

Rachael said...

Mmmm context. Historians love context.

LovelyDancingLights [DF] said...

Also peeps need to be careful of taking the context of a statement and using that as an excuse to write it off because it wasn't to your generation or situation and so on. Its mostly common sense but you never know with some people :) I totally agree with the article.