Thursday, May 28, 2009


John C., at BCC, reminds me to remember my experiences with divinity.


Bubba the Hutt said...

"if a particular religion holds views or makes demands of you that you find potentially offensive or inconvenient, then you just go find a new religion. It is all about finding the religion that justifies the way you already live and causes you to have the most certainty regarding the meaning of your life and your place before God. In other words, choosing a religion and choosing an outfit are essentially the same act.

This is stupid."

Choosing a religion that justifies the way you live or being a member of a religion that you pick and choose principles that you do and do not want to believe.

What's the difference?

PassTheChips said...


Anonymous said...

Congrat's on the new arrival my friend. I'll see you in a month. I'm looking forward to it.