Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health Care

In my desire to remain topical:

- Megan McArdle, at The Atlantic, explains why she is opposes National Health Care

- Dr. Bala Ambati outlines an alternative plan to the current public option that is on the table

More to come. I don't know what the best option is, but the current situation is unacceptable. If you haven't already, read McKinsey's report on U.S. health care (the full report, not the synthesis). You'll be more knowledgeable than almost anyone you come in contact with on the topic.


Erin-lou said...

Something has to change. There are too many people that have no insurance or too little insurance. My old ICU cost 15,000$ a night. Try spending a couple nights there on your own dime and see how long it takes you to lose your home and all your savings.

Denise said...

Truly, changes are needed. But socializing medicine isn't a great idea, imo. We've lived in Japan -- we both know that's not a great solution.

Drex Davis said...

Read the book. "Healthy Competition" by Tanner and Cannon. Best analysis and proposals I've seen so far.