Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ideal Cheese

I was just introduced to Ideal Cheese, a cheese store in Manhattan. Instead of buying lunch and dinner, I bought 1.5 lbs of cheese, a spicy chorizo, and Serrano (basically Spanish prosciutto). Mmmmmmm. The

Muacia Curado - an aged goat cheese that is already completely eaten

St. Agur - a creamy blue (the best blue I've ever had by the way)

5 Year Old Gouda - the crystallized amino acids make these cheese a must have at any cheese party

were all amazing. Have I mentioned that I love cheese?


Denise said...

Are you a closet Dane? And btw, welcome home...

PassTheChips said...

No Vikings that I know of, but I've long been an admirer of their cheese loving ways.