Friday, November 02, 2012

2012 Vote

I voted for Mitt Romney on Monday.  In 2008, I voted for President Obama.  I like many of the things that the President has done, including moving the country further along the healthcare continuum towards Universal Health Care, which I support (with private options for those that want additional/better care).  The President's foreign policy has been excellent.  Of course there are many things I disagree with the President on, but for the most part, I think he has done a pretty good job.

I voted for Mitt Romney on the basis of my faith.  We share a faith that I believe he represents well.  My faith is the most important thing in my life.  Having a person of my faith in the role of President would enable more to come to a better knowledge and understanding of my faith.  I think that spreading the good news is what God wants and I believe that Mitt Romney becoming President would be a great tool in the Lord's hands.  I recognize that Mitt wouldn't be an active evangelist, but simply by being in the role, he would be a passive evangelist and I think that would be a good thing.

Do I agree with everything or most of what Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have campaigned on?  No.  In fact, I think the Republican Party platform is one that would continue the increase in inequality within the United States, which I find abhorrent.  However, I think that if Mitt Romney became President that he would discard most of the extreme views of the right and would be a very moderate President.  That's something I find politically palatable.


liz said...

I love this thoughtful and honest post. Especially from such a politically charged man. I love you.

dj rae said...

I feel as though I cannot be sure that he would discard some of the views he has adopted in attempts to win this race. Especially since those views would have helped him get elected. And especially since they might be necessary to help him get re-elected.

If a Mormon must cater to the extreme views of the right in order to get elected, I am not sure that is a Mormon I want in the White House.

PassTheChips said...

The best predictor of how someone would govern is how they have governed.

Anonymous said...

I respect you for your honest and candid expressions. I’m glad you voted correctly (hehe). I know we would have never become friends without your ability to see past the tall grass and take in views beyond your own personal acceptance perspective (four years ago aside). Acceptance is a distinguished and appealing component of your personality that is woven well into your moral fiber. I’m sure you know that I depend on that. I know that is how I feel I look out into the world… There I said it!

Since you are partly responsible for this "Yes we can garbage" I think it is important you help take out the trash. For that... your vote is meaningful. It is too bad you already pointed out that we are in for another four years of this garbage. Electoral College and popular vote inequities are for the birds… I understand it, but still dislike it! (and… no I do not have an alternative method… yet.)

There was a rally not long ago in Land O’Lakes, FL. A little over a mile from my home, the crowds were large and it made my ride home miserable that evening. However, it did remind me that American’s will stand up for what they want… well at least 15,000 people made that statement in Land O’Lakes. It was a great lesson for my children. I never realized how much preaching they do at school. I also never realized I had three little yes we can zombies in back seat of my American made car. I put an end to that very quickly with some highlights from our President that the teachers did not choose to talk about.

I'm curious... when was the last religiously charged President in office?

I would not have voted for JFK simply because he was RC.

I know you are not saying that, but you sure did hint it.

Thankfully our government does not allow a President, without a great deal of help from Congress, to impact religious battle lines. That will be left to those pesky SC Justices... now they can strike down unilaterally...

PassTheChips said...

Hey Grizz. Thank you for your kind words.

To be frank, I'm voting for Mitt because he appears to be a good representative of my faith. Because my faith is the most important part of my life, I feel that although he's not going to push his faith on the country (nor should he), by simply being in office, he will expose the country and the world to what I feel to be God's message. So yes, I'm voting for him because of his religion and because I've felt what I perceive to be God telling me that's what I should do.